I went to Kirstie's Handmade Fair and it was the most amazing thing!

My Mum, my Gran and I travelled to Kingston on Thursday the 18th and stayed overnight, then went to the fair the next day which was held in the idyllic grounds of Hampton Court Palace. I took loads of photos so you can see for yourself how lovely it is.

To get into the fair, after taking a walk through the grounds, we crossed over a little footbridge and through some rather grand gates.

Then we saw this ridiculously long string of pom-poms. Over the weekend the fair was aiming to break the Guinness World Record for the longest line of pom-poms for Sense charity to support deafblind adults and children. This line was on the first day so I'm pretty sure they must have broken it, I contributed myself with a couple of pom-poms which I made at the #worldpomination workshop.

There was bunting and various other pretty decorations everywhere and I mean everywhere. Basically everything looked amazing.

This was a skill workshop on natural beauty gifts by Sof McVeigh. We made bath salts and I really enjoyed it and bought her book 'Treat Yourself Natural' afterwards. I did, however, manage to spill lavender oil over my hands and arms and on my dress, luckily there were plenty of kitchen rolls about!!

The cue was massive to get into the Super Theatre for the Cath Kidston interview by the lovely Kirstie Alsopp herself. This was the entrance, I told you everything was pretty!

I loved the set up of the stage with the flowers, bunting, fairy lights and confetti balloons.

The chat was amazing, I learnt so much from Cath about how she started her own business and about her passion for what she does. She started a vintage shop before it was even cool and she now has a design team who she works with to make her designs, so they're not completely created by her but she does oversee everything. As well as some fun facts: herself and Kirstie are actually cousins and her feet are too big for the shoes she sells!

These are the things that I bought! I'm so excited about the dress patterns I can't wait to make dresses that fit me perfectly and that I've actually made myself, aaahhhh! The 'Betty Dress' pattern is from 'Sew Over It' who I already followed on Instagram as their stuff is top notch. The floral fabric is also from them and I will make the dress from it. The other pattern is a beautiful vintage one from 'Sew La Di Da Vintage' and how perfect is the packaging? I've wanted to make some clothes for myself for a while now but didn't know where to start so I can't wait to get started with these projects now I have the guidance from the packs.
The jar of bath salts I made is in the right hand corner and the book by Sof Mcveigh is there too. And of course I had to buy the Handmade Fair Annual!

This was the big pom-pom I made in the #worldpomination tent led by Rosy Nicholas who's very talented and great at talking to a large amount of people!

Then it was back home the next day. 

I had such a fab time and it was so lovely being surrounded by many fellow crafters which is quite a rare thing to find, it's not often you can be around so many other creative, like-minded people. It was also super inspiring, I want to make more clothes, start quilting and embroidery now!

If it's on next year I'll definitely try and get there, I'd recommend anyone remotely interested in anything crafty to go.

Have a good day!


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