I went into Superdrug on the search for some new nail polishes because quite frankly most of mine have seen better days. I'm not as in to nails as I used to be so a polish for me needs to be a pretty colour, dries quickly and lasts for as long as possible.

I begrudge spending money on this kind of thing so when I came across MUA's nail varnish I was both delighted and dubious at the same time as I thought they'd probably be pretty crappy hence the low price.

However, I painted my nails in the Blue(Bold Blue)on Wednesday evening, it is now Sunday evening and as you can see by the picture below of my nails it's stuck around pretty well. I used 2-3 coats and it dried reasonably fast leaving a smooth shiny finish.

The stock was very low when I was buying them and a lot of the colours were missing, the colours that I did get are: Bold Blue as mentioned above, Lush Lilac which is the light pink, Amaretto Crush darker pink and Leapfrog which is the green.

The whole range.

Overall, a good nail polish especially for the price. I would recommend it although the colour range isn't that varied, some are a bit too garish for my liking but I do like the look of the mint green (pistachio ice cream, the white (whitewash) and the light grey (koala bear)and may buy them tomorrow, that's if they actually have them in stock!

Have a nice day!


  1. The colour you're wearing is really pretty, I definitely will check out their range when I got to England! I feel the same way about nail polish, I just want it to be cheap and long lasting haha, I feel like wasting a ridiculous amount of money is pointless! :) xx

    1. Hi Conny :) So glad you agree, people spend a ridiculous amount of money and it's just nail polish! I'm more about being thrifty with my money. xx

  2. very nice ♥
    I invite you to observe me :)


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