Walks || Miners and Mariners

I bought my first copy of the 'Dartmoor Magazine' recently, which by the way is a very good publication, and found a walk in it which starts at Bennett's Cross and is a five mile circular walk through several hamlets, following the tracks of miners and mariners of the past. The walk can be found in issue 122 Spring 2016. This is a collection of some of the photos I took during the walk.

I must admit that I got lost quite badly a couple of times and though I knew roughly where I was I didn't know how to get to the next point as the instructions and the map used in the article were really quite confusing at times. But this has taught me a lesson or two: 1. Always transfer information from another map to an OS map.
2. Always plan the route thoroughly beforehand.
3. If you get lost don't panic and try and think things through logically. This I managed to do and luckily I found I'd only strayed a mile or so off path so used the road to handrail my way back.

Although getting lost is horrible it was really good practice for my 'Two Moors Way' walk as I used my newly learnt navigation skills to find my way back.

(Also, my final lesson learnt is: I need to buy a gps!)


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