I love finding little unique local businesses and one that I discovered a little while ago in our local market is 'Dotty Candles'. I received a gift from my sister from their range first of all which was a jar of 'Fizzy Pop' melts, all multi-tonal in the shape of little roses. When melted they smell of haribo and all things sweet and lovely. 
On passing by their stall recently I couldn't resist picking up a little sample pack.

I picked 'Pixie Dust' to melt today and loved how it had glitter on the top when I unwrapped it! When I popped it in my wax burner and got it melting it smelt subtle, fresh and floral, very refreshing for a room which has just been tidied like mine. 

They don't have a website but I believe you can place an order through their Facebook page which is 'Dotty Candles', well worth checking out!

Can't wait to get through all the scents, looking forwards to 'Pina Colada' :)

Have a good day!


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